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Advertising Creatio

Industry specific solution to automate business processes for advertising agencies and outdoor advertising
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Cloud deployment
    Product description
    Product description


    • Manage sales reps based on the specifics of advertising agency 
    • Out-of-the-box business processes ensure the collaboration and exchange of information and documents among different participants.

    Unites the following steps:

    • Preparing and conducting sales
    • Preliminary estimations and design development
    • Collaboration between the contractors and executives
    • Planning of procurements and pre-payments
    • Management of advertising and print production, and its maintenance
    • Formalizing sales closure documentations and closing a deal
    • Online calculator of the sales margins based on incoming and outgoing transactions related to sales
    • Analytics of the prior pre-configured indicators of successful deals, performed tasks, financial transactions, etc.


    • Process and record all accounting records in the system without the necessity to request additional programming:
      • Single database of documents (acts, bills, invoices) needed to close a deal
      • Single database of preliminary documents, contracts and other agreements categorized by a type: city, design development, production, and supply of a product, service, assembly, advertising placement, etc.
      • Single database to manage invoices and track their payment statuses
    • Easily manage product catalogs and services and attach related scans and copies of the documents
    • Generate and autocomplete word document forms using the pre-set templates
    • Connect the objects of business process at all stages


    • Plan the work of contractors, procurements, and materials supply
    • Estimate preliminary costs, terms, and production stages
    • Versioning of preliminary estimation and estimation of products of various contractors
    • Automatic assignment of tasks for budget formation and monitoring the work productivity


    • Unified register of design work
    • Automatic tasks allocation to a designer based on previous estimations
    • Monitoring the performance terms
    • Monitoring the work performance of designers
    • Analysis of designers’ productivity
    • Automatic change in the design status when the status of a sale is changed


    • Automation of production department in key areas:
    • Managing the production of printed materials of various types: from printing business cards to production of billboards and outdoor advertisement
    • Production of other advertising materials, including gifts, tabloids, signboards, and other materials that employ a complex technical and design solutions
    • Managing the production of advertising medium considering the technical features of a particular type of an advertising spot
    • Automatic generation of technical tasks
    • Analysis of the main indicators: breakeven of production, operation due dates, compliance with the actual work plan, etc.
    • Planning and managing the collaboration between a contractor and executive 
    • Planning the production costs and time  
    • Monitoring the time and quality of production


    • Single database of production works, the history of changes of production stages and analysis of a section
    • Quick-start publishing of a new circulation on the basis of published earlier circulation
    • Automatic price calculation based on the pre-set data
    • Managing the production of printed materials of various types: from a simple leaflet with a one-sided image to full-color banners and large format posters
    • Quick-start production of printed materials for a particular advertising media of the advertising network


    • Automation and control of constructors’ and deliverymen’s work
    • Planning the scope and time of assembly work as well as the schedule of its realization 
    • Automatic designing tasks for assembly and delivery  
    • Planning delivery time and cost, automatic generation of a set of tasks for delivery of products to a particular contractor
    • Control of compliance with delivery time, analysis of the quality and on-time delivery performance


    • Automation and simplification of approval process with the municipal structures
    • Record all the details when obtaining the permit from municipal authorities to place advertising products
    • Planning and recording the results of agreement procedure
    • Single registry of conducted agreement activities
    • Planning and reducing time spent on obtaining a permit
    • Store the history of agreements for further analysis


    • Single database of existing advertising spots with the information on their key characteristics including printing surfaces and interactive devices and advertising channels
    • Automation of contractual relationship with the owners of advertising spots and leaseholders, managing the activity status of advertising spots
    • Manage booking, reservation and renting of advertising spots
    • Automatic booking of advertising surface based on sales stage
    • Automatic update of rent statuses of the objects based on the data of sales managers
    • Automatic sale of vacant advertising spots remaining at the end of a current period
    • The report on the ad network status for a selected period of time
    • Managing the production and maintenance of ad spots including light boxes, outdoor billboards and stretch, interactive panels and video monitors, taking into consideration their technical characteristics and details


    • Managing monetary transactions at all stages of business processes
    • Automatic generation of planned operations when sending an invoice of payment
    • Single register of all financial transactions
    • Accessible information on all operations: totaling of income and expenses, general and detailed information on selected sales, clients, managers, and contractors
    Support conditions

    Support is delivered within the “Basic” and “Business” packages. Detailed information on the terms and conditions of the support package can be found on the website of Creatio.

    Advertising Creatio, team edition cloud
    $ 560
    user / year
    Advertising Creatio, team edition on-site subscription
    $ 500
    user / year

    The minimum annual purchase volume per customer is at least $5,000 spent for Creatio software and services.

    Pricing does not include taxes and fees (such as VAT) regulated by law.
    Product compatibility
    Sales (team)
    .Net Framework