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Banza ITSM Box for Creatio

Automation of IT services complex provision to customers according to ITSM

    Product description

    Banza ITSM Box Solution for Creatio automates the ability to manage service components and allows you to define service managers, add optional characteristics to CI and cases, create scheduled cases and build a service hierarchy for portal users, create activity routes for the case manager, and also provides a process of automatic creation and management of problems.

    Use cases:

    The product will be useful for companies that need full service support, namely:

    • companies and their departments to operate with internal or external clients to execute registration of a number of various cases
    • companies that use a large number of Configuration Units that need additional characteristics depending on the Category and Type
    • companies that use a large number of different Services that require the collection of additional data when creating Cases for them
    • companies that have to automate the execution of cases
    • companies that have a need to perform cases with a certain frequency
    • companies that have a request to automate the process of creating and managing problems.

    Key features:

    • Unlimited hierarchical structure of the catalog of services
    • Visualization of the catalog with: images for each category; two modes of displaying the hierarchy - by list or by tiles view
    • Customization of categories and services displays for the user through the functionality of setting up user rights, according to the terms of the SLA
    • Automatic filtering to perform service categorization, auto-updating of categories based on preconfigured service filters
    • The exact position settings in the display order for each level of the category list
    • The 'Search in services' function is implemented for portal users;
    • 'Favorite user categories' feature to form a list of the most frequently used categories to simplify the request registration process
    • Ability to add specific parameters to the CI or Case according to the Category and Type
    • The exact position settings in the display order for each characteristic in CI or Case
    • Ability to create characteristics of all data types  that are available in the system and custom lists as well
    • Automatic creation of a problem when the case limit is exceeded
    • A problem management process that allows you to find and document a solution, add a change, and complete the entire problem management cycle
    • Creating a problem from a case record helps to automatically transfer data, identify the responsible and associate the problem with the case
    • The 'Definition of the responsible' function allows you to determine the  responsible for the case depending on the selected service and Account
    • Automatic creation of cases according to the established schedule and with filled-in fields of the case
    • Creating a chain of activities for the  responsible for the request, depending on the service and with the possibility of changing the case status, creating a new case and closing the case, depending on the result of activity.
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