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File manager for Creatio

Multifunction management of the file directory on the Creatio page
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On-site deployment
Cloud deployment
    Product description
    Product description

    The "File manager” add-on allows you to perform most frequent file operations in the Creatio system.

    Use cases:

    The add-on will be especially useful for those who work a lot with files in Creatio. For example, working with document scans, a gallery of product images and other files that need to be uploaded, structured and viewed in the system.

    Key features:

    • add a file manager module to a page of any system section using the page editor;
    • manage the file directory and set access rights to it;
    • load, move and delete one file as well as a collection of files in one click;
    • set the type of file storage mentioning the local server, database or FTP;
    • store multiple versions of files;
    • preview file images in the window straight on the page by double-clicking;
    • add to the archive and unpack the zip-archive;
    • play audio files;
    • play video files;
    • control access to file directories.


    • image preview's formats: png, jpg, gif;
    • document preview's formats: doc, docx, pdf, txt;
    • audio files play is only available for mp3 formats in browsers with audio support in html5 (eg Chrome);
    • video files play is only available for mp4, webm formats in browsers with video support in html5 (eg Chrome);
    • work with archives is only available for zip format;
    • size restrictions of the uploaded file depend only on the limitations of the file storage server or the settings of the Creatio system.


    Support conditions

    The support is provided by email.

    File manager for Creatio Cloud/On-Site Subscription
    $ 43
    user / year
    File manager for Creatio Cloud/On-Site Server Subscription
    on demand
    Pricing does not include taxes and fees (such as VAT) regulated by law.
    Product compatibility
    All products on Creatio platform
    7.12 and up
    .Net Framework
    Guides and manuals

    1. Add the detail. Go to the system section on which you want to add the file manager. Go to "View"> "Page Setup Wizard", go to the tab for which you want to configure the file manager, click "Add File Manager" and save the changes on the page.

    2. Configure the directory. Go to "System Designer"> "Lookups"> "File Storage Server", set all possible file storage directories, save changes.

    3. Configure the catalog. Go to the tab page of the section for which the file manager is added, create a directory catalog, configure access rights.

    4. Setting up access rights.

    Operations with directories:

    Go to the "System designer"> "Operation permissions", configure the operations:

    - "Can rename directory FileManager"

    - "Can remove directory FileManager"

    - "Can create directory FileManager"

    - "Can rename directory FileManager"

    or "Access to operations with FolderManager​" for all operations at once.

    File operations are configured on the "Directory file" object

    5. Upload the file. Upload the file to the selected folder using the "Upload" button or use the technology of drag & drop. When uploading, you can select several files at once.

    6. View the file. Open the file preview by double clicking on it.

    7. Download the file. Click on the corresponding button on the toolbar to get the file.

    8. Upload the new version. Upload the updated file without changing the file name, or by selecting the item and clicking the corresponding button in the toolbar. The file will be automatically uploaded as a new version of the existing file.


    - File Transfer Protocol (FTP/FTPS)
    - Local file system (on IIS server)
    - Secure Shell (SSH/SFTP)
    - Network File System (NFS)
    - Network share (SMB/CIFS)

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