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Gantt chart for Creatio

Gantt chart for any Creatio section
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    Product description
    Product description

    Gantt chart for Creatio is designed for explicit visualization of section and record details data as bar chart that illustrates business process stages and shows the dependency relationships between activities and current status.

    Use cases:

    • A great tool for project managers to analyze the activities schedule, plan and allocate resources.
    • The supervisor's instrument to monitor and adjust employees' workload.
    • One of the charts that helps sales managers track and analyze sale cycle and time spent at every stage of the deal.
    • The add-on can be applicaple for planning and correcting delivery and payment schedule in the Orders.

    Key Features:

    • setup gantt chart view for any Creatio section based on any fields;
    • drill down from chart into linked record through links and mini cards;
    • scale hart;
    • visual display customization;
    • change task deadlines by moving the activities across the diagram;
    • hierarchic display of the linked records;
    • drill down and edit the record directly from the chart;
    • change of the displayed information in accordance with the selected filters.
      Support conditions

      To keep this app free of charge support is provided via posts on Community.

      Product compatibility
      All products on Creatio platform
      7.15.2 and up
      .Net Framework
      Guides and manuals

      1. Specify the section. Go to "System designer"> "Lookups"> "Gantt chart settings"> "Add setting", specify:

      • "Section" - the name of the section which the mapping is configured for;
      • "Name column" is the name of the column whose value will be displayed in the list of additional data for the segment of the Gantt chart. It is possible to select both the text and lookup fields of the record page;
      • "Diagram column" - the name of the column whose value will be displayed on the element of the Gantt chart. t is possible to select both the text and lookup fields of the record page;
      • "Start date column" - column of the record that contains the start date value;
      • "Due date column" is the column of the record that contains the end date value;

      2. Open the diagram. Go to the section which the Gantt chart is configured for. Go to the new view of the section.

      3. Configure the hierarchical view. For the record created in step 1, fill in the value of the "Contact column with parent element" field - the name of the parent column.

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