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Influ2 connector for Creatio

Engage with B2B prospects via person-based advertising campaigns

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    Product description
    Product description

    Influ2 connector for Creatio enables marketing teams to use person-based advertising to engage with the decision makers of your dream customers.

    Choose the dream customers list from your CRM to show person-based ads on LinkedIn, Facebook, as well as on major business and news media. Track ad impressions, clicks and engagement time for each target individually in your CRM. Every click or engagement is a signal for your demand generation team or a trigger for your email marketing campaigns. Recent case studies show 3x better conversion rates for outbound sales, email marketing campaign and social media outreach if preceded by person-based ads.

    Use cases:

    • Demand generation. Attract high-quality traffic to your website or landing page with person-based advertising, generate leads and automatically transfer them to Creatio;
    • Brand awareness Only preselected people see your ads. Improve your brand recognition by showing carefully crafted messages to the right people;
    • Content marketing. Share the relevant online materials with the specified target audience;
    • Sealing deals. Show targeted ads to clients on social networks and online media. Track prospect’s engagement to identify the best time to reach out and close the deals;
    • Customer success. Grow your retention rates by keeping your current customers engaged and informed. Share stories, special offers and updates via person-based ads. Surround your customer with an uninterrupted, yet dosed ad servings.

    Key features:

    • Name-by-Name Tracker. Know everyone who has interacted with your ad by name, email, title, company, LinkedIn profile;

    • Creatio integration. Target existing leads, prospects or clients and enrich their profiles in Creatio with results from your Influ2 campaign

    • Clicks & Views Notifications. Receive notifications about your reach, first click and view straight to your email or phone

    • CTR Analytics for Each Ad. Analyze insights for every ad you are showing and adjust your messaging or visual accordingly

    Support conditions

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    Influ2 connector for Creatio

    Influ2 active subscription is required. Find out more about pricing here.

    Product compatibility
    7.12 and up
    .Net Framework
    Guides and manuals

    1. Sign up into Influ2. Go to "Marketing" workplace > "Influ2" section, fill in your Creatio password and email. If authorization will be successful three records ("Account", "Billing info", "Dashboard") are accessible in the section.

    2. Create account. Open "Account" record to setup your Influ2 account. 

    3. Create campaign. Open "Dashboard" record, fill in campaign name and press "Lets go" button to create it in the Influ2 system, select audience in "CRM live target list" section, press "Update Target Audience" button to update modified data. To create advertisement press "Create an ad" button and provide links, upload banners and provide descriptions for native ads. Copy "Tracking code" field value and add this code to your website to tack the customers when they visit your website. Select your campaign volume and press "Activate campaign" button. 

    4. Check clicks and visits. Go to "Contacts", select contact who was included to campaign audience. Go to "History" tab, check your clicks and visits info on the "ABM Campaigns" detail. 

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