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Keen Learning Management powered by Creatio

For organizations that need to manage & automate the activities & materials for their learning & compliance programs

    Product description

    The Keen Learning Management application is an LMS (learning management system) powered by the no-code Creatio platform. It provides the range of functionality needed for managing and automating an organization's learning-oriented programs for its employees, customers, and partners.  

    These learning programs can, for example, be for bringing aboard new employees and customers; conducting product training; running certification and compliance programs; and facilitating professional development.

    Being powered by the no-code Creatio platform, Keen Learning Management (KLM) can be configured to your own organization's specific requirements. It can also be extended to support specifications, workflows, and dashboards that are outside the classic boundaries or capabilities of an LMS (which differentiates our product from other LMS products in the market). For those who need it, KLM uses a cloud-based API for SCORM compliance.

    For your content producers, catalog managers, classroom instructors, and compliance teams, KLM offers the tools they need in order to be efficient and effective in their jobs.  For your content consumers, KLM offers the information and functionality they need in order to find, take, and pass the courses that your organization has made available.

    Please note that as a tool for organizing and sharing content related to learning and compliance, KLM complements but does not replace your organization's tools for authoring the content (e.g., Adobe Captivate or iSpring).

    Use cases:

    • Content Authors:  Bring together materials that serve as basis for your learning programs. Organize the materials into Lessons, Modules, and Paths that can be included within one or more Development Plans for those who are your learners or students. Use automated review-and-approval processes for developing and publishing materials. See who is consuming materials. Receive feedback.
    • Catalog Administrators:  Control the materials that compose the course catalog that is available to learners. Make materials available based on the type or role of the LMS user. Establish the price to charge and/or the credits to award for access to learning materials and activities.
    • Course Instructors:  Use our LMS to monitor participation and progression of your learners through your curriculum. Use print-outs for in-person instruction. Launch communication platforms (e.g., Zoom) for on-line instruction. Send automated communications to your learners via email and/or text channels. Monitor and manage the performance of your learners on assessments.
    • HR Managers:  Create standard programs for newly on-boarded employees and contractors. Monitor and manage progression of the on-boarding process.
    • Customer & Service Managers: Create standard programs for newly on-boarded customers and/or promote service excellence to your customers by providing an LMS either embedded in your Creatio CRM system or integrated with alternative CRM systems.
    • Compliance Officers:  Establish compliance programs complete with assessments and attestations. Monitor and manage the progression of participants through your programs.  Send communications (notices, reminders, confirmations, etc) to those subject to your compliance programs. Run and share reports as needed.
    • Learning Managers / Directors:  Provide your learning organization with the tools that it needs in order to deliver the highest quality training and education with the least consumption of time and money. Monitor and manage your team's activities with a rich array of reports and dashboards. View both participation and progression of learners (i.e., students) in your learning programs. Collect and manage fees, if appropriate. Receive feedback for continuous improvement. On behalf of your brand, present an image of professionalism and care toward your learners and customers.
    • Learners / Students:  Enjoy a top-notch learning experience via online tools that are modern and clean for look and feel of the user interfaces; that are relevant and efficient for the data and functionality provided. Access information via web browser or mobile app. Receive communications via email and text, as preferred.

    Key features:

    • Development Plans:  Establish plans for different categories or roles for persons who take your courses and consume your materials (which are organized in the catalog). Development plans can be for general purposes across the organization, e.g., on-boarding or annual compliance for employees. Plans can also be for specific learning tracks within a profession or specialty, e.g., project managers vs business analysts vs technical developers.
    • Course Catalog:  Organize your learning content into Paths, Modules, and Lessons, either uploading material into the system or linking to material outside the system. Define "sunrise" and "sunset" dates. See who is taking which courses. Define prices for courses if collecting fees.
    • Assessments / Quizzes:  For demonstrating competence and achieving certification, define assessments or quizzes for your learners to take after completing a Lesson, Module, or Path.
    • Schedules & Registrations:  Enable those who are managing your learning programs to control what is being on offered, define when it is being offered, and see who is enrolling. Likewise enable those who are participating in your learning programs to see what they can take, register for participation, and view their past activities. 
    • Reports, Alerts, and Dashboards:  Provide a rich array of metrics and graphs so that KLM users can see the information they need in order to inform decisions and answer questions regardless of role within our LMS.
    • SCORM Compliance:  Use a cloud-based SCORM service fully integrated with KLM to track the progression of remote learners through the lessons and assessments that they are taking.  See the standard pricing for the SCORM service at https://rusticisoftware.com/products/scorm-cloud/#pricing.


    • Options. KLM is powered by the no-code Creatio BPM / CRM platform.  For those who produce and manage learning content and learning programs, there are two options for licenses.  One, if these managers or administrators will not be using any of the Creatio CRM products, there is a "learning only" license based on Studio Creatio. Two, if the managers or administrators will also be Creatio CRM users, there is an "add-on" license. For your learners (whether they be employees, customers, or students), there are tiers for pricing. These tiers are based on your number of learners who will be visiting the learning portal in order to access your learning content and sessions.
    • Integration. KLM integrates via REST APIs with other systems (including feeds from data services) per modern industry methods.  
    • Extension.  Due to the power of the no-code Creatio BPM engine, KLM can readily be extended to support organizational functions other than education-related operations, if desired. 
    Keen Learning Management powered by Creatio Content and Portal Manager cloud \ on-site subscription
    $ 540
    user / year
    Keen Learning Management powered by Creatio Content and Portal Manager add-on cloud \ on-site subscription
    $ 240
    user / year
    Keen Learning Management powered by Creatio Portal Learner (1 to 200) cloud \ on-site subscription
    $ 8.000
    / year
    Keen Learning Management powered by Creatio Portal Learner (201 to 1000) cloud \ on-site subscription
    $ 17.000
    / year
    Keen Learning Management powered by Creatio Portal Learner (1001 to 3000) cloud \ on-site subscription
    $ 23.000
    / year

    1.  Pricing for producers and managers of learning content requires a base Creatio license.  This base license can be either the Studio product (which is included in the "Keen Learning Management powered by Creatio Content and Portal Manager" license above) or one of the core CRM products (marketing, sales, service, in which case "Creatio Content and Portal Manager add-on" is the KLM product to select).

    2.  Pricing for consumers of learning content (i.e., the learners with portal licenses who are enrolling in courses, accessing content, and taking assessments) is based on tiers as follows:

    • 1-200 portal users:             $  8,000 per year
    • 201-1000 portal users:       $ 17,000 per year
    • 1001-3000 portal users:     $ 23,000 per year
    • 3000+ portal users:             Custom Pricing ==> please contact your Creatio representative or partner for a quote

    3.  Pricing for organizations that wish to implement SCORM services as part of their KLM solution is at https://rusticisoftware.com/products/scorm-cloud/#pricing

    Pricing does not include taxes and fees (such as VAT) regulated by law.
    The payment shall be made either (i) in USD or (ii) in EUR, (iii) in GBP, (iiii) in AUD at the company's then current commercial rate if it would be agreed with Creatio.

    Terms & Conditions

    Support is available for this application.
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    Support is provided by a developer within the “Basic” and “Business” packages. Detailed information about the support packages and the support terms can be found on the Creatio website.

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    All products on Creatio platform
    8.0 and up
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    Keen Learning Management (KLM) powered by Creatio is a pre-configured enterprise-grade application for learning management. While activation requires only the provisioning of a Creatio instance and the installation of the KLM application, configuration and deployment of this application for the circumstances and requirements of your own organization may require an implementation project.  

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