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Loyalty vouchers in marketing campaigns for Creatio

New element in campaign designer that allows to issue vouchers (certificates) for loyalty program members

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On-site deployment
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    Product description
    Product description

    This add-on extends marketing campaign designer with new "Issue voucher" element which allows to issue loyalty certificates (vouchers) of a relevant type, to the relevant customers at the right moment of their customer journey.

    Add-on is compatible with Consimple Loyalty Creatio vertical solution.

    Why to use the app?

    The add-on gives you the tool to issue certificate/voucher with a discount or a gift within all kinds of marketing campaigns, i.e. the following: welcome campaign for new loyalty program members; birthday campaign; holiday or seasonal promotion, etc.

    Using the communication channels available in campaign, you will be able to send generated voucher to the customer (i.e., send email or SMS).

    How does the app work?

    New element allows user to specify the category of a certificate (card with 'Certificate' type) to be issued. Element searches for active, not yet issued certficates of a given category and assigns them to the campaign participants. 

    Support conditions

    This free add-on was developed on the Creatio platform by citizen developers, as part of the "Dev Labs" community project. If you have questions or encounter any issues while using the add-on, please create a post on the Creatio Community, where citizen developers and other community members will be able to help you.

    Product compatibility
    7.11 and up
    .Net Framework

    Add-on is compatible with Consimple Loyalty Creatio vertical solution.

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