Connector to Amazon Connect telephony

Amazon Connect connector for Creatio

Add-on to Creatio to integrate with Amazon Connect telephony


Label printing

ZEBRA label printer connector for Creatio

The application connects the Creatio system with Zebra printers to print labels. Label templates are described in the ZPL command language using macros with data from Creatio.


Case stage color coding

Case stage color coding for Creatio

Color code case stages in section and detail record lists


Copy & Delete Buttons

Buttons on Opportunity Edit Page for Creatio

This add-on helps to copy or delete the opportunity record from the edit page providing more visibility about the record before performing copy or delete operation


Microsoft Forms connector

Microsoft Forms connector for Creatio

Microsoft Forms connector helps to create a lead seamlessly in Creatio through Microsoft flow by collecting form responses and increase your sales growth


Advanced file management capabilities

File core for Creatio

Advanced file management capabilities through integration with Google Suite. Creating / editing / viewing files in the Creatio interface


Address validation in the United States

USPS Connector for Creatio

The connector enables easy address validation in the United States


Activity background color in action panel

Action panel activity background color for Creatio

This add-on allows you to change color for activities in actions dashboard container


MS Teams online meetings

Microsoft Teams connector for Creatio

The connector enables the capability to create MS Teams online meetings from Creatio calendar.


Printable attachments

Printable attachments for Creatio

Easily attach printables directly to any record or email in Creatio


Approvals via email

Email approvals for Creatio

An ability to approva via email


Cloud4Wi contacts import

Cloud4Wi connector for Creatio

Cloud4Wi enables companies across verticals to observe and interact with on-site visitors that connect to your guest Wi-Fi networks, collecting contacts and enriching profiles with location-based information.