Partner status

    Samarasoft provides business process automation services for CRM and develops its own solutions on Creatio platform. Samarasoft is a recognized expert in the following fields:

    - Marketing and loyalty programs

    - Banks and lending companies

    - Document flow

    We have been working in IT market since 2003, and more than 100 projects were successfully completed. We have got Creatio Development and Implementation Center status in 2014.

    Driving force of our company is a team that includes more than 40 qualified professionals. All specialists have broad experience in software development and have been improving their skills according to the IT market trends.

    SMS and Viber mailings in campaigns
    SMS and Viber campaigns for Creatio
    Bulk, trigger and service SMS and Viber mailings in campaigns
    1C connector
    1C connector for Creatio
    Connector for integration of Creatio with solutions on 1C platform
    Full-text search
    Full-text search for Creatio
    Full-text search on Creatio platform
    Records numerator
    Numerator for Creatio
    Record number constructor for any section of the Creatio
    Change log for Creatio
    Change log for Creatio
    Add-on to log changes in Creatio records
    Software solution
    Loyalty program automation
    Loyalty Creatio
    Loyalty program automation: rewards management, processing, extended communication capabilities, integrations
    Gantt chart view for Creatio sections
    Gantt chart for Creatio
    Gantt chart for any Creatio section
    JIRA connector
    JIRA connector for Creatio
    Connector designed to help you integrate JIRA with Creatio
    SMS and Viber Sender
    SMS and Viber Sender for Creatio
    Bulk, trigger and service (transactional) SMS
    External file storage
    External file storage for Creatio
    Store files in the cloud and in an external folder
    SQL scripts console
    SQL Executor for Creatio
    Performing SQL scripts from Creatio interface
    Time management
    Task Control for Creatio
    Task management and performance control
    Enhanced work with files online
    File X for Creatio
    Add-on for enhanced viewing, editing files and version control
    Software solution
    Document flow automation
    Docs Creatio
    Enterprise content management system on Creatio platform

    We select the most suitable approach to the implementation projects depending on the project specifications:

    •  Integrated launch. Traditional project implemented according to the PRINCE2 methodology, which allows for controlling the launch of complex multi-stage projects.
    • Products implementation. Selecting and using the most appropriate product solutions  to significantly reduce the implementation costs and increase system robustness.
    • Time & Materials. Standard outstaffing agreement with assignment of dedicated experts to complete customer’s project within a certain period of time.  The workflow can be organized following traditional implementation methodology or using SCRUM. In addition, we  can  apply  existing  client’s systems (JIRA, Trello etc.) for tasks tracking.
    • Expert hours packages. Prepaid hours scheme, where the client gives  occasional tasks, which are evaluated, executed and confirmed, and where the write-off of hours from the prepaid hours package is made.

    Technical support of project solutions. You may retain a dedicated  project team for the most efficient support of running projects which means the involvement of the implementation experts into the project support.

    We are ready to share our experience with customers offering  personalized approach to training plans, training materials and trainings:

    • On-site trainings at  the Samarasoft office - our favorite training method. You’re always welcome to gain extensive practical knowledge, learn new methods of workflow organization and discuss specific cases with experts.
    •  Work-based training at  customer's site, in a familiar environment.
    • Webinar with a possibility to train your entire team located in different regions.
    • Baby-sitting. When a new project is implemented for a customer with a large number of branches, operational support is essential at the very first days after the project start. In this case, we assign  dedicated experts to work at the client's site for a perfectly smooth start.

    In addition to individual trainings, we provide all forms of trainings on the most popular topics:

    • Architecture and basic tools. A mandatory training for CRM coordinators and project managers
    • Configuration and administration training  for analysts and support teams. Training sessions on real examples and tasks for all wizards and configuration tools - system designers, notifications, columns, working with design, directories and system settings, logs, reports, printables , etc.

    Development training (two levels). Development on Creatio platform starting from setup of the simplest business rules, connection to external services and to the development of  own modules and extension of the system’s out-of-the-box capabilities.


    We provide the following consulting services:

    • System audit. Our experts effectively handle the lack of relevant documentation after implementation as well as the need to draw up the system description before the system update/restart.
    • Technical expertise. Our architects conduct a technical audit of  the system and provide specific recommendations for organization of the development process, storing of the modifications structure and construction of complex integration schemes.
    • Business Consulting. Over the years of successful experience in  project implementation, we have developed an extensive expertise in the usage of different tools in specific cases. Now we offer such industry-specific consulting service to our clients.
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