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Add closed opportunity data into Google sheet via Zapier

Automatic data adding about closed opportunities into Google sheet
Application type
Business process
Template type
    Product description
    Product description

    The template allows for automatic adding of closed opportunities data into the predefined Google sheet.

    The template can be used as a sample to setup automatic transfer of required data to respective Google Sheets. 

    Product compatibility
    Sales (team)
    Sales (enterprise)
    7.12.3 and up
    .Net Framework
    Guides and manuals
    1. Go to https://zapier.com/ and Log in. If no account registered before, Sign up with Google.
    2. Find Zap template 'Add info to a Google Sheet from new Webhook POSTs' and press 'Use this Zap' button.
    3. At the template page press 'Create this Zap' button > press 'Continue' button > press 'Continue' button.
    4. At the 'Test webhooks by Zapier' page you will get unique webhook url in the following format (.../hooks/catch/3702651/q42m28/).
    5. In Creatio go to the 'Web services' section, copy 'https://hooks.zapier.com' web service, go to method page and update 'Name' and 'Method address' fields with new link from point 4.
    6. In Creatio go to System Designer > Process Library > open the 'Create Google Sheet Row when Opportunity is Closed Won' business process and save it as a new version.
    7. In new version of 'Create Google Sheet Row when Opportunity is Closed Won' business process select the 'https://hooks.zapier.com' element, set your web service and set request parameters:
      • Amount - [#Read Opportunity Data.First item of resulting collection.Opportunity amount#];
      • Closed date - [#ClosedDate#];
      • Customer - [#CustomerName#];
      • OppName - [#Read Opportunity Data.First item of resulting collection.Name#];
      • Owner - [#Read Owner.First item of resulting collection.Full name#] and save changes.
    8. In Creatio go to the 'Opportunities' section, open test opportunity and set 'Closed won' in order to send a test webhook request.
    9. At the 'Test webhooks by Zapier' page press 'OK, I did this' button, check hook info and press 'Continue' button twice.
    10. Grant permission to connect to your Google Sheets account to create spreadsheet rows.
    11. At the Zapier setup page select Spreadsheet, Worksheet and map worksheet columns with webhook parameters. 
    12. Set customized Zap is on.

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