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Automatic creating Zoom meeting via Zapier

Create meeting in Zoom for marketing events
    Product description

    The template allows for creating Zoom meeting when webinar is planned in Creatio system. 

    The template can be used as a sample to plan all your online meetings in Zoom specify only event requirements for starting business process.


    Support is not available for this application.
    Product compatibility
    7.12 and up
    .NET Framework
    Guides and manuals
    1. Go to https://zapier.com/ and Log in. If no account registered before, Sign up with Google.
    2. Click "Make a Zap!" button. Choose "Webhooks by Zapier" like a trigger app and select "Catch hook" option. Press "Save+Continue" button > press 'Continue' button > press 'Continue' button.
    3. At the 'Test webhooks by Zapier' page you will get unique webhook url in the following format (.../hooks/catch/3702651/q42m28/).
    4. In Creatio go to the 'Web services' section, open 'https://hooks.zapier.com' web service, go to method page and update 'Name' and 'Method address' fields with new link from point 4.
    5. In Creatio go to "System Designer" > "Process Library" > open the "Create Zoom meeting for event" business process and save it as a new version.
    6. In new version of "Create Zoom meeting for event" business process select the 'https://hooks.zapier.com' element, set your web service and set request parameters:
      • Event name -[#Read event data.First item of resulting collection.Name#];
      • Event description - [#Read event data.First item of resulting collection.Goal#];
      • Event time - [#Read event data.First item of resulting collection.Start#]; 
      • Event duration - RoundOff(([#Read event data.First item of resulting collection.End#]-[#Read event data.First item of resulting collection.Start#]).TotalMinutes) ;
    7. In Creatio go to the "Event" section, create test event and specify "Webinar" event type to send a test webhook request.
    8. At the "Test webhooks by Zapier" page press "OK, I did this" button, check hook info and press "Continue" button twice.
    9. Grant permission to connect to your Zoom account to send push notifications.
    10. At the Zapier setup page setup Meeting type, Topic, When Duration (required) and map fields with webhook parameters. 
    11. Set customized Zap is on.
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