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Change of an object assignee

Temporarily or permanently reassign objects from one employee to another during vacation/time-off periods
Application type
Business process
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    Product description
    Product description

    Change of an object assignee temporarily or permanently reassigns objects from one employee to another during vacation/time-off periods, based on parameters selected by a manager.

    Intended use of the template:

    • create a business process to temporarily or permanently reassign workload for any user in Creatio from cases, leads, opportunities, and activities;
    • decide the parameters of the reassignment: object type, employees involved in reassignment, date range, temporary or permanent reassignment;
    • temporary reassignment, once the timeframe elapses, objects revert back to the original employee if the parameter was checked on the open edit page.

    The template can be used, for example, to cover assigned workload while an employee is away on vacation, PTO, unexpected sick leave or extended leave, which is something managers have to deal with routinely and is very time consuming. 


    • Addition of custom sections, notifications, or additional functionality are services that can be provided by contacting Kewl Consulting.
    Product compatibility
    All products on Creatio platform
    7.15 and up
    .Net Framework

    The template is compatible with CRM Creatio only.

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