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Lead and Opportunity TAT dashboard

Dashboard to monitor Lead and Opportunity TAT
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    Product description
    Product description

    The template allows sales team to view the time spent at each lead stage and opportunity stage, and also see the average TAT across all the leads and opportunities.

    Intended use of the template:

    • monitor time spent in each lead stage as well as opportunity stage;
    • monitor average TAT across all active leads & opportunities.

    The template can be used as a sample to develop TAT dashboards for various business verticals seperately.

    Product compatibility
    Sales (enterprise)
    7.14.1 and up
    .Net Framework
    Guides and manuals

    1. Add TAT columns. Go to the "Stages" detail in the "Lead" and the "Opportunity" sections and add "TAT Days" and "TAT hours" columns to the detail list.

    2. Open dashboards. Two new dashboards will be created in the "Lead" and the "Opportunity" sections to display average TAT across all leads/opportunities. Setup access rights to these dashboards as per your needs.

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