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Lead owner default assignment and selection from suggested dealers

Automatic default assignment of lead owner and selecting from suggested dealers based on the lead’s region and marketing segment
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Business process
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    Product description
    Product description

    When creating a lead with specified region and marketing segment the template helps to automatically assign default lead owner and add suggested dealers for the lead. Selected dealer is automatically added to the opportunity related to the lead.

    The template can be used as a sample for opportunity owner assignment and team selection in the opportunity.

      Product compatibility
      Sales (team)
      Sales (enterprise)
      7.11.3 and up
      .Net Framework
      Guides and manuals

      1. Add your regions and marketing segments in the corresponding lookups.

      2. Add default owners for all regions and marketing segments in the "Default lead owners by region and segment" lookup.

      3. Specify region and marketing segment of dealers in the "Accounts" section.

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