CISEL Informatique SA

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    CISEL Informatique SA is a Swiss IT provider active the implementation of integrated systems and cloud solutions (CRM Creatio and ERP SAP)  for SMEs,  IT outsourcing, and data hosting. With over 85 employees, CISEL integrates the IT solutions of market leaders to offer the best of technology to its customers.

    For 50 years, at CISEL we have believed in the strategic role of IT in the destiny and success of companies. We contribute to the success of our customers by identifying the needs of each company to accelerate their competitiveness and their development.

    Our values

    We believe that the human being must be at the center of the concerns, that it is his capacity to create and to imagine which makes the value and the project of any company. We bring the right technology to our customers, the one that is useful and helps them to see further, the one that makes life simpler, the one that makes sense to allow them to move forward. Every company tells a story. Our mission is to make it grow.

    Opportunity value over time
    Opportunity value over time for Creatio

    See your opportunity values over time in your dashboards, not only at signature date.

    Maintenance tools
    Maintenance tools for Creatio

    Flush Redis and restart the application pool directly from Creatio UI

    Contact person:
    Damien Collot
    Jonathan Quendoz

    Rte de la Sablière 1,
    1753 Matran


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