Improve service quality

Happy customers are key to your business’s success. That is why it is important to constantly upgrade and enhance your application, provide high-quality customer support and exceed your customers’ expectations!

Provide customer support

Determine customer support terms and provide customers with information on operating hours and response time of the support team. Deliver customer support according to the set terms.

To ensure simple and seamless support service, we recommend utilizing the standard terms and conditions of Creatio customer support.

Note that detailed instructions and documentation significantly reduce the number of support requests.

* Creatio customer support resolves simple support requests related to the application installment and launch, while more complex support requests are addressed by a developer.

Release updates

Increase customer engagement by releasing regular product updates. Improve stability, performance, and the ease of use of the application, fix errors and add new functionality capabilities.

Publish release notes to fully describe new and enhanced product functionality.

Increase customer loyalty

Communicate effectively with customers

Collect customer feedback, discuss your application on the Creatio community, and provide customers with engaging content.

Customer care

Pay attention to your customers, congratulate them on important dates and build long-term relationships with them.

Be proactive

Make sure that your customers are satisfied with your application and receive all necessary support.

Repeat sales

Keep track of your customers’ subscription terms and over time offer them further cooperation.

Grow your business with Creatio

Develop applications. List them on Marketplace. Attract new customers.

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