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Avaya connector for Creatio

Add-on to Creatio to integrate with Avaya telephony

Application type
On-site deployment
Cloud deployment
Application is certified by Creatio experts
    Product description
    Product description

    Call management

    Integrating Creatio with Avaya telephony will allow you to communicate with clients and colleagues. You can easily find the necessary information about contacts, activities, orders, documents and comments. The add-on enables an agent to indicate a call status (‘ready, ‘not available or busy’), or to put a call on-hold, or to transfer a call to another professional.

    Call analytics

    Analyze the agents’ productivity based on the conducted calls, call duration, and frequency of communication with important clients.

    Avaya connector for Creatio user cloud / on-site subscription
    $ 100
    user / year
    Pricing does not include taxes and fees (such as VAT) regulated by law.
    The payment shall be made either (i) in USD or (ii) in EUR, (iii) in GBP, (iiii) in AUD at the company's then current commercial rate if it would be agreed with Creatio.
    Support conditions

    Support is provided by a developer within the “Basic”, “Business” and “Premium” packages. Detailed information about the support packages and the support terms can be found on the Creatio website.

    Terms & Conditions

    Product compatibility
    All products on Creatio platform
    7.6 and up
    MS SQL
    .Net Framework

    To integrate with Avaya telephony, it is required to have Avaya Application Enablement Services (AES) component within the telecommunication system. The integration is available for AES version of 5.2 server and up

    Avaya connector for Creatio is an add-on extension to Creatio that extends the reach of Creatio’s capabilities.

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