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Banza bot constructor for Creatio

Chatbot designer for 24/7 service for your customers
    Product description

    Banza bot constructor for Creatio allows creating of chatbots for your 24/7 service. Optimize expenses and offer customers and colleagues an additional channel of interaction.

    Use cases:

    The chatbot is B2C/B2B assistant for active and personalized communication with your customers. Your company can launch a chatbot with extensive functionality, for example:

    • 24/7 service that never sleeps and knows the answers to common questions.
    • Perform newsletters on target segments, informing about news, promotions, special offers, event schedules.
    • Fix orders, service requests, appointments, and meeting.
    • Booking, map of your showrooms and departments.
    • Serve as a product showcase and sales consultant.
    • Conduct surveys, and questionnaires in order to obtain feedback.
    • Remind about regular and repetitive actions.

    Key features:

    • interaction with clients via Telegram, Viber, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp chatbot;
    • service for messages queue and load balancing;
    • configure the message by using different parameters and possibilities;
    • setting up a chat tree with a chatbot;
    • reception and button answers, free text;
    • use of chatbots in business processes;
    • setting up a chatbot schedule;
    • storing the history of communication with the chatbot;
    • setting up analytics based on pre-configured metrics and evaluating the effectiveness of the chatbot.
    Banza Bot Constructor for Creatio one chatbot cloud / on-site subscription
    $ 2.200
    / year
    Banza M3 service Cloud subscription
    Banza M3 service On-site subscription
    $ 8.000
    / year
    • One extension license allows connecting one bot of any messenger to Creatio. For example, if you need to connect two Facebook Messenger bots, then you need to buy 2 licenses.
    • The license package includes basic learning for up to 5 hours and you can set up chatbot dialogue yourself. Besides, we can help you to configure your dialog. The cost of implementing the chatbot dialogue and specific customization of the chatbot is calculated separately.
    • The price includes a connection to our cloud M3 service for messages queue and load balancing.
    The listed price does not include the cost of Creatio Platform plan. For detailed information on Platform pricing, please refer to the following link.
    Pricing does not include taxes and fees (such as VAT) regulated by law.
    The payment shall be made either (i) in USD or (ii) in EUR, (iii) in GBP, (iiii) in AUD at the company's then current commercial rate if it would be agreed with Creatio.

    Terms & Conditions

    Support is available for this application.
    Support conditions

    Support is provided by the developer within the “Basic” and “Business” packages. Detailed information about the support packages and the support terms can be found on the Creatio website.

    Support contacts
    Product compatibility
    All products on Creatio platform
    7.16.0 and up
    Any supported DBMS
    .NET Core (deprecated from 8.0.9)
    .NET Framework
    Deployment options
    Account data sharing

    By installing or downloading the App, you confirm that you agree with sharing your account data (name, email, phone, company and country) with the App Developer as their End User.

    The App Developer will process your data under their privacy policy.

    Guides and manuals
    1. Add new [Bots] and [Dialogue] sections to the needed workplace.
    2. Specify messenger settings in the [Bots] section.
    3. Create a business process and set one into the bot dialogue tree.

    More information can be found in the manual.

    What's new?
    Version 1.4
    • Added a new connector to WhatsApp messenger. You can set up:
      • base text messages
      • messages with buttons
      • messages with menu
      • interactive messages
      • files exchange
    • Added WhatsApp Business Message Templates. Use predefined highly structured messages to connect with your audience once they opted-in to receive messages from you. Populate dynamic content with Creatio data.
    • Updated metadata file 
    • Updated package dependencies