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Expense management for Creatio

Automate your expense management with inbuilt expenses approval and expenses settlement process workflows
    Product description

    Expense management for Creatio allows you to automate your expense management with inbuilt expenses approval and expenses settlement process workflows.

    Use cases:

    • Using expense management add-on, sales manager will be able to submit expenses incurred during their sales visits and submit to their manager for approval.
    • Manager will be able to review, approve or reject the expenses raised. Finance team can settle the expenses approved by the Sales manager.

    Key features:

    • allow users to create expenses and submit it for managers approval on a Lead / Opportunity / Account / Activity;
    • predefined standard categories and subcategories of expenses;
    • manager can review expenses and select valid expenses in the system to approve;
    • automatic calculations of the total expense and approved expense amount;
    • notifications for approval are sent to the respective users;
    • expense reports can be downloaded from the "Print" button;
    • visualize dashboards for all roles – Users, Approvers and Financial Settlers.

    The expense management add-on can be extended to customise according to each sales organisations and unique processes.

    Expense management for Creatio

    For any further customisations on Expense management for Creatio, please reach out support@agiliztech.com.

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    Guides and manuals

    1. Provide Roles to users. Go to the "System designer" >  "System users", provide roles to users as per below:

    • Expense Users: This role can be allocated to an employee who will create expenses in Creatio;
    • Expense Approvers : This role should be given to employee’s manager who will be approving expenses in the system;
    • Financial Approvers: This role can be allocated to the finance team finally settling the expense in the system.

    2. Update System settings (if need to change). Go to the "System designer" > "System Settings":

    • update the "Expense Code Mask" setting - prefix and the number series for naming account number;
    • update the "Expense Last Number" setting - number to start your expenses number (by default it is ‘0’).

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