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Filter highlighting for Creatio

Easily identifiable filters in lists
    Product description

    Filter highlighting for Creatio will make it easier to see when you have filters set in any list in Creatio.

    Use cases:

    It is easy to overlook that a section list is filtered in Creatio. This can make it difficult to find a record or make actions performed against multiple records inaccurate since some records might be hidden by a filter. Filter highlighting makes it more obvious and noticable when you have a filter set in a section list.

    Key features:

    • Adds a colored highlight to any filters when set, the highlight is removed when the filter is cleared;
    • Easily see when any section list is filtered;
    • Highlight selected folders when the folder list is closed;
    • Works for classic sections and also with any Freedom UI list, both for sections and lists on pages.
    Filter highlighting for Creatio

    Terms & Conditions

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    Support conditions

    To keep this app free of charge support is provided only by email.

    Support contacts
    Product compatibility
    All products on Creatio platform
    8.0.6 and up
    Any supported DBMS
    .NET Framework
    .NET 6 (started from 8.0.9)
    Deployment options

    The Filer highlighting for Creatio add-on is now only supported for Creatio 8.0.6 and higher. For an unsupported version that can be installed in older versions of Creatio visit Customer FX.

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    The App Developer will process your data under their privacy policy.

    Guides and manuals

    1. Create a filter. Go to any section and create a filter. A green highlight is added to the filter field.

    2. Select a folder. Go to any section and select a folder, close the folder area. A green highlight is added to the row of the selected folder.

    What's new?
    Version 2.4

    Style enhancements for Creatio 8.1.1

    Version 2.3

    Fixed issue with filter styles getting applied to global search box

    Version 2.2

    Added support for the new date filters in 8.0.10

    Version 2.1

    Support added for any Freedom UI list filters 

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