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InterWeave QuickBooks Integration for Creatio

The Inter Weave SMART Solution for Creatio to QuickBooks is a powerful, configurable Integration Solution, providing extensive integration of data, uni or bi-directional, with your business process and workflow.
    Product description

    The InterWeave Quickbooks integration for Creatio solution integrates the QuickBooks accounting system with Creatio by means of InterWeave SMART Solutions, a comprehensive SaaS Integration Platform, providing uni- or bi-directional integration of data.

    Use Cases:

    With InterWeave SmartSolutions, you can Configure your customized Integration Solution that integrates all QuickBooks objects (Customers, Vendors, Contacts, Sales Orders, Sales Receipts, Invoices, Estimates, Jobs, Items, etc.), with Creatio Standard and Custom objects (Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Orders, Invoices, Products, Cases, etc.).

    Key features:

    • Uni or bi-directional integration at object level
    • Create and update QuickBooks Customers, Sales Orders, Invoices and Products from Creatio
    • Create or update Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities and Products in Creatio based on data in Customers, Invoices, Sales Orders, and other relevant fields in QuickBooks
    • Accounts Payable and General Accounting features for Bills, Checks, Deposits, Account (COA), Journals, Vendor Credits and more are available in Creatio
    • All QuickBooks history, like Invoices, payment history, etc. is available in Creatio
    • Configurable options allowing you to change/select new integration configurations at object level
    • Error Management and Monitoring, Connection Monitoring, Log Viewer and automatic email or IM notification if error is detected.


    The integration is implemented by means of the InterWeave SmartSolutions platform and could be customized through Integration Manager Console — user friendly UI that lets you decide how often your applications should integrate.

    InterWeave QuickBooks Integration for Creatio Enterprise cloud
    $ 2.199
    / year
    InterWeave QuickBooks Integration for Creatio Small Business cloud
    $ 1.499
    / year
    InterWeave QuickBooks Integration for Creatio Ultimate cloud
    $ 2.999
    / year

    For the Small Business Edition; Bi-Directional. AR and AP. Per Solution, per Company. Billed annually:

    Accounts Receivable

    • Account/Contact Object to Customer/Job
    • Creatio Object to Jobs
    • Creatio Object to Sales Orders
    • Creatio Object to Invoices
    • Creatio Object to Sales Receipts
    • Creatio Object to Estimates
    • Creatio Object to Payments
    • Creatio Object to Payment Received
    • Creatio Object to Credit Memo

    Accounts Payable

    • Account/Contact/ Object to Vendors
    • Creatio Object to Purchase Order
    • Creatio Object to Bills
    • Creatio Object to Vendor Credits
    • Creatio Object to Deposits
    • Creatio Object to Checks
    • Creatio Object to Credit Card Charge
    • Creatio Object to Bill Payment
    • Creatio Object to Statement Charges
    • Creatio Object/Products to Items
    • Connection and Error Management and Monitoring, Log Viewer
    • Automatic email or IM notification if error detected

    For the Enterprise Edition; Bi-Directional. AR and AP. Per Solution, per Company. Billed annually.

     All the features from SMALL BUSINESS + 

    •  Multi-currency
    •  Multiple price books
    •  Multiple company files
    •  Multi-Cloud Integration, Multiple Nodes integrated
    •  Multiple Financial Applications integrated

    For the Ultimate Edition; Bi-Directional. AR and AP. Per Solution, per Company. Billed annually.

     All the features from ENTERPRISE +

    • Creatio Object to Account (COA) 
    • Creatio Object to Journal Entry
    • Creatio Object to Time Tracking
    • Creatio Object/Products to Items
    • Extended Custom Mapping support
    • Combination of Buttons and Flows

    Price Notes:  

    InterWeave Support Notes:

    *     InterWeave QuickBooks Integration for Creatio integrates with all editions of Creatio. (Creatio costs are not included in the indicated pricing). 

    **   Configuration, Training, and Smart+Support charges are not included and must be contracted for.  

    ***  To optimize your success with InterWeave now and in the future, take advantage of our SMART+ Service offerings: SMART+ Support Plan and SMART+ Support + Success Plan. Please contact InterWeave in order to discuss the options and receive an estimate based on your own circumstances.

    **** Whereas InterWeave QuickBooks Integration for Creatio is an enterprise-grade application, implementation and leverage of which will vary greatly from organization to organization. Please contact InterWeave for implementation estimates that are appropriate to your own team's needs and plans.

    The listed price does not include the cost of Creatio Platform plan. For detailed information on Platform pricing, please refer to the following link.
    Pricing does not include taxes and fees (such as VAT) regulated by law.
    The payment shall be made either (i) in USD or (ii) in EUR, (iii) in GBP, (iiii) in AUD at the company's then current commercial rate if it would be agreed with Creatio.

    Terms & Conditions

    Support is available for this application.
    Support conditions

    Support is provided by the developer within the "Basic" and "Business" packages. Detailed information about the support packages and the support terms can be found on the Creatio website.


    Support contacts
    (800) 671-8692 x 3
    Product compatibility
    CRM Creatio
    Financial Services (sales)
    Financial Services (customer journey)
    Financial Services (lending)
    8.0.10 and up
    Any supported DBMS
    .NET Framework
    Deployment options
    Account data sharing

    By installing or downloading the App, you confirm that you agree with sharing your account data (name, email, phone, company and country) with the App Developer as their End User.

    The App Developer will process your data under their privacy policy.

    Guides and manuals

    InterWeave Solutions for Creatio are pre-configured enterprise-grade Solutions that integrate your Financial Application with the low-code Creatio CRM platform.  While activation requires only the provisioning of a Creatio instance and the installation of the selected InterWeave Solutions Configuration package, implementation of this full-fledged Solution does require an implementation project.  

    Due to the advantages of Creatio's low-code platform and InterWeave Solutions Configuration, implementation (i.e., "go live" for users) of InterWeave Solutions can be as rapid as 6 to 8 weeks, even less, depending on the amounts of process design, data conversions, and system integrations that are desired.  

    Please do contact InterWeave for approaches and estimates for implementation that are specific to your own organization's circumstances.  

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