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MeridianLink connector for Creatio

A tool that allows you to synchronize data between the two systems

    Product description

    The MeridianLink to Creatio connector is a tool that allows you to synchronize data between the two systems. The connector supports the following entities and their associated fields:

    • Contacts: This entity contains information about the people involved in the lending process, such as name, title, phone, email, company, branch, address, agent license number, company license number, agent type, etc. The connector uses the web service Contacts.asmx to get and search contacts in MeridianLink.
    • Loan: This entity contains information about the loan details, such as loan amount, interest rate, term, loan type, loan status, loan program, loan purpose, etc. The connector uses the web service Loan.asmx to create, get, and update loan information in MeridianLink.
    • Lender: This entity contains information about the lender details, such as lender id, description, type, default value, second lien sync type, status, visibility type, etc. The connector uses the web service Lender.asmx to create, get, and update lender information in MeridianLink.

    Use cases:

    • You can get the loan application information in Creatio CRM from MeridianLink and sync the loan information between the two systems. This can help you manage your loan portfolio, track the loan status, and monitor the loan performance.
    • This information enables you to complete your member 360 degree profile by combining information from your Core, LOS and other platforms to provide a good member experience.

    Key features:

    • It supports the synchronization of contacts, loans, and lenders between the two systems, and allows you to get and search these entities in Creatio CRM.
    • It uses web services to communicate with MeridianLink.


    The integration uses the MeridianLink Mortgage/PML system. To access data and functionality in the LO/PML system, the client must first be authenticated and retrieve an authentication ticket. The authentication ticket is then used for subsequent calls into the LO/PML system.

    MeridianLink connector for Creatio
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