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Quick filters for Creatio

The add-on helps to add or change quick filters in all sections and details.

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    Product description
    Product description

    Quick filters for Creatio allows to set up quick filters in system sections and details dynamically without involving developers. The app conveniently enables you to add or change customized quick filters in any system registry. With this app, you can also configure a hierarchical catalog with section data. Configuration is performed in a separate convenient setup wizard.

    Use cases:

    • Filtering by date of sections record;
    • Filtering by assignee;
    • Displaying or not displaying the archive records;
    • Displaying or not displaying records by statuses;
    • Section records organization as a catalog.

    Key features:

    • Adding an unlimited number of filter settings;
    • Setting up quick filters in sections and details;
    • Filtering by object columns of the section or details;
    • Adding arbitrary advanced filters;
    • Setting up filtering templates;
    • Displaying data as a tree view.
    Support conditions

    To keep this app free of charge, support is provided only by email.

    Quick filters for Creatio
    Product compatibility
    All products on Creatio platform
    7.16 and up
    Any supported DBMS
    .Net Core
    .Net Framework
    Guides and manuals

      To set up quick filters:

      1. Go to the System Designer and select "Grid filters settings" in the System Settings block.
      2. Add a new setting by specifying the name of the setting and selecting the Object/Section/Detail for which you want to adjust the filter.
      3. Add a quick filter setting on the "Registry filter settings elements" detail by specifying the name and type of filter.
      4. Set up the filter for the desired condition.
      5. Save the changes.

      As a result, the registry of the specified section will display the filter with the parameters specified in the setting.

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      What's new?
      Version 1.0.2
      28 June 2022

      New feature - adding filters for text fields, for example, by an order number, case number, contact's mobile phone, etc.