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Solvemate Chatbot for Creatio

Handle repetitive requests around the clock and create new cases from Solvemate

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Cloud deployment
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    Product description
    Product description

    The connector to Solvemate, the leading customer service automation platform for an improved service experience, helps you to create new cases in Creatio, when the customer fills in a prebuilt form in Solvemate. Solvemate's AI chatbot takes care of all the repetitive requests that you receive from your customers when a human is not needed. You can train your chatbot and go live in less than two weeks – no big datasets necessary. 

    Integrating Solvemate onto your website offers you following benefits:

    1. The chatbot handles all the repetitive requests – that do not require human assistance. 
    2. You will have happier customers, because on average they get answers in less than 18 seconds. 
    3. You will have happy employees, because they only need to handle relevant requests.
    4. The app ensures a smooth ticket handover from your chatbot to your Creatio CRM environment.

    Use cases:

    • Answering repetitive or common requests
    • Automating the resolution of highly personalised requests 
    • Automatically handling complex troubleshooting processes
    • Hand over to a human agent where needed
    • Automatically create cases in Creatio

    Key features:

    • Communicate automatically with your customers on their favorite apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger;
    • Automatically create new cases in Creatio;
    • Works in any language.
    Support conditions

    Support is included in the solution price. It depends on the plan that suites your needs.

    Solvemate Chatbot for Creatio

    Solvemate active subscription is required. Find out more about the plan description and pricing on the Solvemate pricing page.

    Product compatibility
    7.16 and up
    Any supported DBMS
    .Net Framework
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