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Telephone number validator for Creatio

Checks the correctness of phone number input on a contact page
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    Product description
    Product description

    The "Telephone number validator for Creatio" add-on enables checking correctness input for phone numbers on the 'Communication options' detail of a contact page.

    Use cases:

    The add-on helps end-users to input phone numbers properly and get quick information on the phone region/mobile operator.

    Key features:

    • check of telephone number correctness in respect of country and mobile operators codes and provision of alternatives to select the right one;
    • display of related region/mobile operator on the 'Communication options' detail.


    The add-on is compatible only with crm bundle.

    A telephone number check is not performed for previously added records.


    Support conditions

    This free add-on was developed on the Creatio platform by citizen developers, as part of the "Dev Labs" community project. If you have questions or encounter any issues while using the add-on, please create a post on the Creatio Community, where citizen developers and other community members will be able to help you.

    Product compatibility
    7.14.4 and up
    .Net Framework

    Add-on is compatible with crm bundle only (sales enterprise + marketing + service enterprise).