Developer Guide: Ratings and Reviews


Welcome to the Creatio Marketplace Developer Guide for managing ratings and reviews. This guide provides essential information and best practices to help you effectively interact with users and manage the feedback for your app published on Creatio Marketplace.

We are committed to a transparent and fair review process. It is crucial that reviews accurately represent genuine user opinions without misleading them about their origin.

Managing Reviews

Written Reviews

  • Users can provide detailed feedback through written reviews, which are valuable for gaining insights into user experiences and improving your app.
  • Reviews are displayed on the app’s listing page and are not reset with new app versions.  

Continuity of Reviews  

  • Past reviews remain visible unless they violate Creatio’s Privacy policy, providing a long-term view of user feedback.

Responding to Reviews

Effective engagement with reviewers is essential for improving user satisfaction and refining your app.

Developers can reply to any review posted for their app, regardless of the review's age or rating.

Engagement Principles

  • Direct Responses: Address feedback directly on your Creatio Marketplace Listing page to enhance the user experience.
  • Tone and Personalization: Keep responses respectful, friendly, and reflective of your brand's voice. Tailor replies to demonstrate your value and consider the user feedback seriously.

Managing and Prioritizing Responses

  • Response Coverage: You can respond to any review, regardless of its posting date. Reviewers are notified of your response.
  • Critical Feedback: Prioritize responses to reviews with lower ratings or technical complaints, clearly acknowledging and addressing these concerns.

Required Format for Responses

  • Clarity and Authenticity: Keep responses concise and genuine. Customize your replies to address specific comments from reviewers directly.
  • Length and Content: Responses should range from 30 to 500 words, focusing on clarity and relevance. Avoid extensive quotations from external sources and ensure the content is original.
  • Language Use: Responses can be in any language, but they must be appropriate for a professional setting and directly relevant to the product and the feedback provided.

Developer Rights

Right to Reply

  • Every developer can respond to reviews pertaining to their app, ensuring open communication and the ability to address user feedback directly.

Right to Change or Delete Responses  

  • Users cannot modify or delete responses once submitted but, they have the option to archive their responses, removing them from public visibility.

Right to Report

  • If you encounter a review that appears inauthentic, contains offensive material, spam, competitors feedback, please use the "Report".
  • The user who submitted the review will not be notified that you have reported it.
  • All complaints are processed promptly and will be addressed within one month.

Using customer ratings and Reviews

You may use your app’s rating in marketing materials as long as it accurately reflects your app’s current rating.  

Customer reviews may be used in marketing materials.

Asking for ratings and Reviews

You can invite customers to rate and review your app at optimal moments. Request feedback when users are most likely to have had a positive experience. This timing increases the likelihood of receiving positive and meaningful feedback.

Demonstrate to users that their feedback is valued and utilized to make tangible enhancements to the app. This acknowledgment can encourage more users to engage and share their experiences, knowing that their input contributes to app improvements.