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Appointment of service and assignee in a new case

Automatic appointment of service and assignee in a new case based on incoming email and service details
Application type
Business process
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    Product description
    Product description

    The template helps automatically appoint service and assignee in a new case if customer regularly requires only one service. In the service page its Default assignee has been added and as well the ‘Default requestors’ detail where contacts information stores. Use the ‘Active usage’ attribute for temporal cancellation of automatic appointment. The ‘Default service’ attribute shows that this service is default for the selected contact. Assignment is performed only for cases created based on incoming emails.

    The template can be used as an example for similar automatic assignment tasks (for example, owner assignment in leads or opportunities).

    Product compatibility
    Service (customer center)
    7.12 and up
    .Net Framework
    Guides and manuals

    1. Fill in service info. Go to the 'Services' section and fill in the 'Default assignee' field and the 'Default requestors' detail in active services. The information is used in automatic appointment.

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