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Customer journey

Enhancing customer’s products satisfaction through comprehensive management of interaction with the company (B2B)
Application type
Business process
Template type
    Product description
    Product description

    The template helps to orchestrate communication with customers at each stage of their interaction with company and product usage from defining needs up to becoming the brand advocate.

    There is a case with consecutive interaction stages preconfigured in the Accounts section. When the user adds a lead or an opportunity the system automatically shifts to the respective stage of the ‘Lead’, ‘Purchase’ or ‘Renewal’. Account manager switches to other stages manually following the approved terms and dates.

    The template can also be used to customize a similar task for individual customers.

    To start using the template, run ‘Fill in account stage' business process that updates ‘Stage’ field for all current accounts of the ‘Customer’ type.

    Product compatibility
    Sales (team)
    Sales (enterprise)
    7.11.2 and up
    .Net Framework

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