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Field surveys for Creatio

Customer field surveys in Creatio mobile application

Application type
On-site deployment
Cloud deployment
    Product description
    Product description

    The "Field surveys for Creatio" add-on allows you to conduct field surveys during visits of sales representatives to customers.

    Use cases:

    The add-on is helpful for companies with field sales that plan to collect customer feedback or conduct research through surveys during visits.

    Key features:

    • automatic survey creation based on visit, if questionnaire is setup for the active field sales rule;
    • step-by-step question view during survey;
    • additional posibility to add comment or attach photo to the every answer;
    • different answer types in questionnaire - single choice option, open-ended answer, logical and number.


    • Field surveys are carried out in Creatio mobile application only.
    • One survey per visit is available.
    Support conditions

    This free add-on was developed on the Creatio platform by citizen developers, as part of the "Dev Labs" community project. If you have questions or encounter any issues while using the add-on, please create a post on the Creatio Community, where citizen developers and other community members will be able to help you.

    Product compatibility
    7.12.2 and up
    .Net Framework

    The app is compatible only with Field sales for Creatio or Pharma Creatio add-ons.

    Terms & Conditions

    Guides and manuals
    1. Add survey in visit actions list. Go to System designer > Lookups > 'Field sales rules' lookup > open active rule and add new action 'Survey' at 'Actions' tab.
    2. Add answers. Go to System designer > Lookups > open 'Answer' lookup and add all possible answers you plan to use in surveys.
    3. Add questionnaire. Go to General workplace > Questionnaires section and setup a questionnaire by adding questions and answer options.
    4. Check survey results. Based on new visit a corresponding survey is automatically added in Surveys section. After survey completion answers of the survey are updated at 'Questions and answers' tab .

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