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Financial Services Creatio, customer journey edition

An innovative software for bank front-office and contact center management
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    Product description
    Product description

    Creatio bank customer journey is an industry-specific solution for bank front-office and contact center management that allows to create a unique experience for bank customers and leverage omnichannel communications.

    Key features:

    360° customer view

    • Use Creatio to keep record of contact data, history of interactions, client requests, contracts and products used, build a 360-degree view of your customers to provide them better service.
    • Group your clients based on socio-demographic data, identify the most perspective clients and their categories to personalize the interaction strategy for each of them.
    • Adjust the dashboards according to your needs to get precise analytical data on your interactions with customers.

    Omnichannel communications

    • Financial Services Creatio, customer journey edition offers all the necessary tools for the highest-quality customer service. Process all incoming messages and calls, approach outbound calling in a highly professional way, provide advice to clients and register applications and requests using the most convenient channels for them.

    Product catalog

    • Regardless of the complexity and size of your bank’s product and service portfolio store them all in Creatio unified catalog of bank products matching each of the product with an unlimited number of parameters: interest rates, terms, repayment schedules and many others.
    • Easily match products to client needs and requirements and simplify the product selection process by specifying appropriate segments of clients for each product. 
    • Specify a set of required documents for each product in order to automate the paperwork.

    Consultation processes

    • Provide competent and accurate advisory services to clients using the out-of-the-box consultation processes. Choose the right process depending on the client's goals and preferences to get the most out of your communication.
    • Track request statuses and deadlines, and monitor feedback to optimize service processes and ensure high quality service.

    Manager’s workplace

    • The aggregated data for each client enables better personalization of communications and improves the overall customer experience. Maintain a constant dialogue with your clients throughout the entire cycle: from initial consultation to contract and maintenance with the right information always at hand.

    Agent's workplace

    • Boost efficiency of the bank’s front office by arming the agents with a unified tool to manage their daily tasks in a pre-configured single window interface. Agent home allows agents to easily manage request queues, perform bulk communications, share the information via an Enterprise Social Network and monitor their own performance in a single window interface.

    Supervisor's workplace

    • In Financial Services Creatio, customer journey edition there are all the necessary tools for planning and monitoring the work of your contact center agents: queue setup tools, ready-made analytical reports and indices.
    • Control and manage inbound and outbound communications, сreate different types of queues: dynamic, which are based on filters or static, which highlight certain contacts requiring attention, as well as blind queues, in which an operator can only see the next contact. Use queue configuration tools to plan case resolution, set queue parameters, define priorities and assign agents.
    • Monitor the work of the contact center team and track the qualitative and quantitative performance of each agent and the

    Business process management

    • Automate any processes in bank customer center – from case management to problem resolution. Best practice processes are already built in the system, but they also can be easily modified to fit any specific service model.
    • Keep track of any process metrics (duration, average time of running, maximum and minimum values, etc.) and view them from different angles (agents, support lines, services, etc.). Visualize data using dashboards, identify and eliminate bottlenecks in your processes with the help of process log.

    Contracts and documents

    • Attach electronic versions and photocopies of contracts; keep track of contracts details and history of amendments. Create contracts manually or automatically based on orders.
    • Track information about clients’ bank accounts, their statuses and balance, what type of cards have been issued and which accounts they are connected to.

    Knowledge management

    • Knowledge base is an online library that stores articles, scripts, guidelines for new employees, document templates, presentations, answers to frequently asked questions, and any other useful materials. 
    • By using knowledge base articles, you will be able to resolve cases in a timelier manner, ensuring high quality of service for your clients and partners.


    Make use of all the benefits of powerful business process management and low-code config tools of the Creatio platform in the core of the solution:

    Business Process Management: Process designer, Process library, Business process management engine, Process log, Process monitoring and analytics

    Case Management: Case designer, Case engine, Case analytics

    System Designer: Section wizard, Business rules, UI customization, Mobile app wizard, Access rights administration, Data import and synchronization, Dashboard setup

    Core Configuration: Managing the organizational structure, Task management, Internal and external communications management, Mobile application

    Support conditions

    Support is provided by the developer within the “Basic”, “Business” and “Premium” packages. Detailed information about the support packages and the support terms can be found on the Creatio website.

    Financial Services Creatio, customer journey edition
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    Financial Services (customer journey)
    7.12 and up
    .Net Framework

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