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Mapsly connector for Creatio

Feature-rich yet customizable map for geo-analysis, routing, territory management, prospecting and automation
    Product description

    The connector to the location intelligence platform Mapsly allows you to use a wide range of geo-location tools for analysis, routing, territory management, prospect discovery and no-code automation that is tightly integrated with Creatio.

    Use cases:

    Mapsly connector for Creatio helps companies better manage sales territories, bulk-add prospects to it and invoke CRM’s workflows and automation.

    Key features:

    Visualization & analysis

    • View and (mass-)edit records from any Creatio object on the map, including custom ones, with real-time sync to Creatio

    • Split your data into map layers with custom markers using visual formula builder

    • Search CRM records near a location and sort/filter them by distance

    • Customize map markers, pick fields for their labels and pop-ups, and switch between layer groups to instantly re-colorize your records based on different criteria

    • Create CRM records in any Creatio object from the map with pre-filled address and coordinates

    • Auto-correct errors in addresses and fill in zip and counties; import their coordinates back to CRM


    • Plan optimized daily routes for sales and services teams, or trucks based on live/historic traffic (more)

    • Configure check-in, check-out or any other custom processes with buttons and custom forms (more)

    • Save check-in, check-out or custom events and data collected with forms to your Creatio in real time

    • View users’ current location and history of movements (more)

    • Plan regular visits with desired regularity and duration, for individual sales reps or entire teams (more)

    • Navigate to locations using your favorite app and open CRM records in the Creatio mobile app in one click


    • Draw territories or assemble them out of postal codes, counties, census tracts, etc. using the geo-library (more)

    • Auto-assign records to territories and sales reps based on custom criteria (more)

    • Calculate aggregate metrics per-territory out of your CRM data

    • View demographic data (US only)

    • Embed live maps with territories into dashboards, portals and websites (more)

    • Automatically create/update territories for individual CRM records

    Embed live interactive maps

    • Share maps with live data and desired Mapsly features by link and embed them into websites, portals or dashboards, or send by email (learn more, or view demos)

    • Add personalized maps with unique dataset per customer to your customer portal (more)

    • Add custom buttons, forms and let users execute processes/automation from embedded maps (more)


    • Search local businesses by keywords and add them as records of any Creatio object (more)

    • Adjust field mapping, use custom fields, and add fields with fixed values

    No-code & low-code automation

    • Execute custom actions by a button, by schedule or entirely automatically, without writing code (more)

    • Create/update/delete records and territories, send email and SMS, call external APIs, and more

    • Search records by custom criteria that may include driving distance or time, and execute actions with them (more)

    • Create dynamic forms that show/hide fields and call external APIs as user fills in the form

    • Use user’s current location and calculate driving distance/time between any locations

    • Implement cross-system analysis and automation by connecting spreadsheets and other data sources to Mapsly


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    Mapsly connector for Creatio

    (*) Starting prices per user per month for Mapsly subscription (don't include applicable taxes). Mapsly connector for Creatio is free but requires an active Masply subscription: please review Mapsly plans at mapsly.com/pricing. Plans are subject to usage limits; add-ons are available to raise particular limits. 

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    Support conditions

    24/7 chat-based support is included in all Mapsly subscription plans.

    Support contacts
    Product compatibility
    All products on Creatio platform
    7.15 and up
    Any supported DBMS
    .NET Core (deprecated from 8.0.9)
    .NET Framework
    Deployment options

    The connector is compatible to CRM Creatio and Marketing Creatio.

    Account data sharing

    By installing or downloading the App, you confirm that you agree with sharing your account data (name, email, phone, company and country) with the App Developer as their End User.

    The App Developer will process your data under their privacy policy.

    Guides and manuals

    To start your free 2-week trial please follow the Mapsly setup guide for Creatio.

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