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YouScan connector for Creatio

Uncover new sales opportunities, as well as threats across social media with YouScan. Empower your customer success managers, marketers and sales specialists with social media insights delivered directly into Creatio.
    Product description

    YouScan is a social media listening platform powered by image recognition technology. It provides instant access to the customers' online conversations, enabling brands and agencies to listen, analyze and turn social data into action.

    YouScan allows users to seamlessly complete challenging tasks, such as determining trends around a specific topic; getting to know industry influencers, brand advocates and detractors; analyzing sentiment around the brand and managing reputation; understanding the brand’s share of voice and monitoring competitors; analyzing the efficiency of marketing activities and getting visual insights of common use cases of the product; and much more.

    Every day, YouScan monitors over 500k sources, including review sites, forums, online news sites, blogs, messengers, and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest and other. YouScan connector for Creatio seamlessly integrates the platform with Creatio, allowing CRM users to handle all relevant requests from social media within a single workflow. With YouScan you will never miss out any negative mention or available opportunity, as it is keeping you updated in real time.  

    To start using the application, please follow the instruction in the Setup guide.

    YouScan connector for Creatio

    Creatio integration is included in our Analyze and Innovate pricing plans; You need an active paid YouScan subscription to use this integration.

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    Support is provided globally, during the business hours on working days. Answers are normally provided within 1 hour. You can contact YouScan support from YouScan user area and via email.

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    Financial Services (sales)
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