Digital Business Transformation

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    Evoqia represents a motivated and experienced team, driven by the digitization of business processes. The company pursues the mission to support organizations, both profit and non-profit, in coping with the digital revolution challenges.

    Evoqia offers a wide range of services:

    • Business Process Management
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Marketing Automation
    • Online Accounting
    • Content Management
    • Email & Calendaring
    • Web Development

    Evoqia provides services that cover the complete customer journey, from marketing automation to customer service, all based on world leading cloud technologies. The company implements fully customized platforms that integrate in customer's existing environments.

    End User access
    End User access for Creatio

    Collaboration between your company and your customers through the Evoqia Portal

    Time manager
    Time manager for Creatio

    Time management on projects

    Invoicing and Accounting through integration with Exact Online
    Exact connector for Creatio

    Real time bi-directional integration with Exact Online ERP solution


    Evoqia's dedicated Creatio implementation team is your best choice for all Creatio implementation services, regardless where you are based.

    We provide a full service portfolio:

    • Business Analysis
    • Customization
    • Business Process Management
    • Data migration
    • Integrations
    • Training
    • Support

    Each of our projects is unique and 100% adapted to your specific requirements.

    Just drop us a message and we'll be in touch very soon.




    Evoqia is dedicated to Digital Business Transformation.   

    In our current digital era it is key to select not only the best digital technology, but also the best partner.

    Evoqia implements fully integrated digital platforms with Creatio as the core technology, and completely based on the principles of Business Process Management.

    Every project starts with a detailed business analysis, outlining your processes and systems ('as is' and 'to be').  These documents will then be the blueprint of your digital journey.

    Just drop us a message and we'll be talking soon about your digital challenges.

    Contact person:
    Tom Symoens

    Posthofbrug 6-8 B5/169

    2600 Antwerp



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