Sirma InsurTech

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    Established in 2002, Sirma InsurTech (previously known as TBI Info) is an IT consulting firm – a recognized expert in business management solutions and digital transformation.

    We excel in the development and implementation of Business process management solutions, Automation, CRM systems for Customer service, Marketing, Sales and Operations.

    Our Expertise

    • Creatio Consultant & Integrator
    • Automation Award-Winner with our innovative chatbot platform
    • Insurance and Finance Software Expert

    Our Team

    Our team of business and software professionals offers analysis, consulting, testing, development and support of integrated business management solutions.

    Our Recognitions

    We have successfully completed local and international projects in Austria, Czech Republic, Serbia, Croatia, Poland, Romania and UK.

    We are proud of our successful financial and insurance projects and our long-standing partnership with Vienna Insurance Group.

    Since 2013 the company has been certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.

    Additional resources
    Insurance policy and claim management
    Sirma InSuite for Creatio

    It is a solution covering main core insurance processes in life, non-life and health insurance industry.

    Contact person:
    Julian Maslyankov

    "Tsarigradsko Shose" 135 Blvd., 1784 7-th 11-th km

    Sofia, Bulgaria

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