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    From its inception, Meritus Business Solutions, has focused its attention on helping companies execute growth strategies through selective application of technology.  Meritus’ two founding partners have combined experience of more than 40 years with CRM, Marketing and process-related technologies to help mid-to-enterprise-sized companies achieve their business goals. 

    With its business-first approach of keeping clients’ customers top-of-mind, Meritus begins its client journey with understanding their growth and market acquisition strategies.  This forms the foundation for prioritizing and applying appropriate business process and technologies to achieve profitable results aligned with client goals. Meritus establishes long term relationships with clients allowing strategies to be executed over time.  Using a phased-approach and Agile methodologies, Meritus delivers quality solutions at an accelerated pace.

    Education and business experience provide a common denominator across Meritus employees who all are technically well-educated, and have many years of practical business experience.

    In addition to CRM and business process-specific offerings, Meritus provides custom application development services.  Aside from providing a larger portfolio of capabilities to clients, this offering enables Meritus to stay current with emerging technologies, techniques, and industry trends - providing all customers with the benefit of knowing its technology partner continues to educate itself.

    “Meritus Business Solutions has accomplished so much since becoming a Creatio Integrator Partner. In their first two months, they have trained 20 people and certified 10 developers and 5 analysts. Meritus has accelerated their development as a Creatio partner which makes Meritus a highly valuable business partner,” said Alex Donchuk, Global Channel Director at Creatio.

    Meritus looks forward to the opportunity to deliver results and earn your trust as the foundation of a long-term relationship.

    15-Second Leads
    15-Second Leads for Creatio

    15-Second Leads for Creatio enables company landing pages (e.g. Contact Us) to initiate a Creatio low-code business process and notify the designated rep of the customer request in around fifteen seconds by email and optional SMS or Push notifications.


    Geolocation powered iOS application
    SalesAccel for Creatio

    Geolocation powered iOS application for managing customer relationships

    Bridgeports integration
    Bridgeports integration for Creatio

    Integration between Creatio and your systems supported by Bridgeports Integration Service

    Salesforce data import
    Salesforce data import for Creatio

    The Salesforce to Creatio data migration by Bridgeports Integration Service allows for simple Salesforce integration with Creatio

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    William Zarbock

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    Bedminster, New Jersey 



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