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Mapsly connector
Mapsly connector for Creatio
Feature-rich yet customizable map for geo-analysis, routing, territory management, prospecting and automation
InterWeave eCommerce Gateway
InterWeave eCommerce Gateway for Creatio
The Inter Weave eCommerce Gateway, is a powerful,easy-to-use configurable integration, delivered by Inter Weave SMART Solutions, a comprehensive SaaS, Integration Platform.
Microsoft Forms connector
Microsoft Forms connector for Creatio
Microsoft Forms connector helps to create a lead seamlessly in Creatio through Microsoft flow by collecting form responses and increase your sales growth
QubeSoft Nova Poshta connector
QubeSoft Nova Poshta connector for Creatio
The connector allows you to connect several Nova Poshta offices, create TTN in the order, track the status of the parcel and link the status of the parcel to the status of the order, print TTN, and use parcel data to automate messages to customers