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    Velvetech, LLC is a resourceful and very experienced agile software development firm out of Chicago, Illinois that facilitates innovation and growth in the mid-size market. At Velvetech, we enable our client partners to have the most effective and innovative information technology by providing thought leadership, solutions, and development strategies to deliver superior results. We specialize in the development of software platforms featuring real-time data, analytics, dash boards, task automation and queueing, REST-based API’s, interactive User Interfaces for mobile and desktop devices, CRM implementation, process optimization, technology integration, and compliance. Whether your firm is a technology, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, distribution, or telecommunications firm, looking for a highly qualified and proven development partner, our well trained and very experienced Software Engineers, Business Analysts, QA Specialists, and Project Managers are ready to help.

    Connector to Amazon Connect telephony
    Amazon Connect connector for Creatio

    Add-on to Creatio to integrate with Amazon Connect telephony

    AI-powered call analytics platform
    AI-powered call analytics platform for Creatio

    Get your call center agents and managers bring their A-game into action with AI call analytics

    Software solution
    Contact center product suite
    Contact center product suite for Creatio

    Full-featured Inbound & Outbound call center with AI-based agent scoring and call analytics

    RingCentral and KAZOO VoIP connector
    RingCentral and KAZOO VoIP Connector for Creatio

    Add-on allows for connecting RingCentral or KAZOO PBX to Creatio

    FedEx Connector
    FedEx Connector for Creatio

    Managing FedEx shipments from Creatio Orders

    PandaDoc Document Management connector
    PandaDoc Document Management for Creatio

    Close more deals with better quotes, proposals, and contract management all within the PandaDoc integration module for Creatio


    Velvetech offers a full range of CRM implementation services that help clients across verticals to achieve their unique business goals. We are convinced that each company has some specific business processes and requires an individual approach. The agility of bpm’online platform allows creating custom-tailored solutions that can satisfy the needs of companies of any size and structure. 

    Taking charge of project implementation, we guarantee a successful CRM deployment as well as a smooth transition from another system. Experienced team and agile project management approach allow us to respond to the posed challenges with great precision and effective resource utilization, bringing your business to the new heights in the shortest possible term. And when your company continues to grow, we will be there to adapt and scale your CRM system and make sure it helps you to further increase your revenue.

    Our implementation services include:

    • Requirements collection and business analysis

    • CRM customization and workflow automation

    • Business process modeling, engineering, and setup

    • Customer-specific configuration

    • Data migration from other CRM systems (Zoho CRM, SugarCRM, Salesforce, etc.)

    • Data migration from ticketing systems (e.g. Zendesk) and custom in-house systems

    • Integration with a website and other internal systems

    • Third-party systems integration

    • VoIP services and call center integration

    • DMS and ECM deployment

    • Mobile app development and deployment

    We have industry experience in:

    • Healthcare

    • Finance

    • Banking

    • Telecommunication

    • Retail, Wholesale, and Distribution

    • Real Estate

    • Food Industry

    • Education


    Velvetech offers a wide range of CRM consultancy services for businesses deciding to implement a new CRM system or change the existing one. Many questions could arise during the project roadmap. Making competent decisions on each stage and thorough planning can define the success of the whole project.

    Our consulting services include:

    • Business process research and optimization

    • CRM Solution Sourcing

    • CRM Implementation Planning

    • CRM Integration Planning

    • Marketing process consulting

    • Sales process consulting

    • Operation process consulting

    Contact person:
    Yuri Yushkov

    601 Skokie Blvd, Suite 105 Northbrook, IL 60062

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