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    Sales Up is a modern, fast growing company embracing high professionalism, responsibility towards each customer and guaranteed result as the key principles of work.

    Sales Up delivers business processes automation, as well as the Creatio-based products development, and has already proved effective in the following areas:

    • Trade marketing
    • Sales management automation
    • Business processes optimization
    • Procurements automation
    • Warehouse automation
    • Designing analytics (including complex reports)
    • Processing internal applications
    • Automation of the lending processes
    • Integration with external systems (accounting systems, website, telephony, etc.)

    Sales'Up flagship products are:

    FMCG Management is a turnkey solution that combines Creatio's extensive toolkit with business processes relevant to FMCG companies. Including: managing trade-marketing and promotional activities and calculating their effectiveness.

    Agro Management is a comprehensive solution for managing sales of agricultural companies and working with sales representatives, as well as aggregating farm data in a single system.

    Planning is a powerful analytical tool for customizing computational logic. The functionality of the solution is designed for the most convenient work with planning indicators and conducting a plan-fact analysis, and is constantly being supplemented.

    As well as a number of add-ons designed to optimize specific areas of work, for example, budgeting, conducting surveys, sending notifications, which can be found on our Marketplace.

    Based on the criteria for improving efficiency, the company also provides services for the description, implementation and automation of business processes.

    We are always open to cooperation!

    Text fields autofill
    Text field autofill for Creatio

    The add-on allows customizing the autofill of titles and other text fields of the system according to the custom templates.

    Quick filters
    Quick filters for Creatio

    The add-on helps to add or change quick filters in all sections and details.

    Scoring models for Creatio
    Scoring models

    Manage your business tasks with a universal scoring model management tool!

    Multichannel notifications
    Multichannel notifications for Creatio

    Automation of mailing notifications to various participants in business processes, both in the system and outside it.

    Calculation engine
    Calculation engine for Creatio

    Add-on for Creatio’s platform for implementing calculation logic in the system object cards without software developers involvement.

    Approval process managment
    Approval for Creatio

    Approval workflow for any section of Creatio that allows for parallel and sequential approvals of cases of any complexity.

    Questionnaire management
    Questionnaire management for Creatio

    Managing questionnaires and surveys in Creatio

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